Why Join LSA?

Let’s take this energy and join forces!  It is time to collaborate and find a unified voice to partner with manufacturers to find solutions for success and partnership in the next decade.  Let’s learn from showrooms who are finding ways to advance the needle under these unpredictable times.  Let’s educate our fellow showrooms how they can be better partners to our manufacturers so they can be better partners to us.

Educate Collaborate Unite

Our market share is only important if we survive! Let’s take control of our destiny and show that we can be important. We have great ideas. We have energy and enthusiasm to make this work. Not just LSA, but the Independent Showroom across the US and Canada. Let’s make sure our entire industry is absolutely vital to consumers and builders in the 21st Century.


LSA manufacturer members have a front row seat and the ability to gain firsthand insight to member discussions. We believe a unified audience for your brand message, a platform for educational opportunities, and more are just a few of the numerous opportunities available to manufacturer members.

Use your LSA membership to steer topical discussions and improve industry partnerships with all stakeholders.

Sales Representatives

Share your perspective, knowledge, and expertise to learn from other LSA sales representative members who have like minded showroom customers and manufacturer partners.

LSA member also provides a unique platform for advancing your professional role within the lighting industry.




LSA showroom members are at the core of our organization with the sole purpose of advancing the role and professionalism of the lighting industry.

Peer to peer networking in a closed group environment remains the organization’s most popular benefit, with idea sharing, real world daily solutions, and best practices resources for our members all among the reasons membership in LSA are important to independent lighting showrooms throughout North America.

Showrooms, Manufacturers, Sales Representatives, and other industry professionals align to make all of our businesses stronger. 

Service Providers

LSA service provider members have access to member discussions and the ability to participate in a timely manner. 

Use your LSA membership to present new services, technology, and more to the industry showroom, manufacturer, and sales representative members.






Lighting Showroom Association